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Japanese Children Living In Poverty Is Higher Than You Think

One of the things rarely talked about concerning Japan is child poverty. The number of children in Japan living in poverty has been increasing year by year until now it has reached a record high. Despite this clear problem within society, the government has done nothing to actually deal with it. How bad has it become? Check my break down of it in this video!


Is Stand Your Ground Only For White Men?

Yes. Stand your ground laws in the US really are only for angry white men with the privilege to back it up. You let my working class white ass go to America, shoot someone, and use stand your ground as a defense. They will toss me in jail in a heart beat.

Bourgeois ideology is an ideology which refuses to allow itself to be identified as an ideology by presenting itself as neutral, impartial, universal, objective and value-free.

—Roland Barthes, Criticism and Truth  (via what-the-foucault)

(Source: roboclaws, via that-communist-kid)

Japanese Citizen Sues Government Over Collective Self Defense

A Japanese man has taken up the unique tactic is dragging the Japanese government to court in an effort to block Fascist Leader Shinzo Abe`s change to the role of Japanese military. Do you think this will work? Check out my video breaking this down.

He is taking a course on Marxist ideology.
He says, “The only real solution is to smash the system and start again.”
His thumb is caressing the most bourgeois copy of the communist manifesto that I have ever seen,
He bought it at Barnes and Noble for twenty-nine U.S. American dollars and ninety-nine cents,
Its hard cover shows a dark man with a scarved face
Waving a gigantic red flag against a fictional smoky background.
The matte finish is fucking gorgeous.
He wants to be congratulated for paying Harvard sixty thousand dollars
To teach him that the system is unfair.
He pulls his iPhone from his imported Marino wool jacket, and leaves.

What people can’t possibly tell from the footage on TV
Is that the water cannon feels like getting whipped with a burning switch.
Where I come from, they fill it with sewer water and hope that they get you in the face with your mouth open
So that the hepatitis will keep you in bed for the next protest.
What you can’t tell from Harvard square,
Is that when the tear gas bursts from nowhere to everywhere all at once,
It scrapes your insides like barbed wire, sawing at your lungs.
Tear gas is such a benign term for it,
If you have never breathed it in you would think it was a nostalgic experience.
What you can’t learn at Barnes and Noble,
Is that when they rush you, survival is to run,
I am never as fast as when the police are chasing me.
I know what happens to women in the holding cells down there and yet…
We still do it.

I inherited my communist manifesto,
It has no cover—
Because my mother ripped it off when she hid it in the dust jacket of “Don Quixote”
The day before the soldiers destroyed her apartment,
Looking for subversive propaganda.
She burned the cover, could not bring herself to burn the pages,
Hoped to God the soldiers couldn’t read,
They never found it.
So she was not killed for it, but her body bore the scars of the torture chamber,
For wanting her children to have a better life than she did,
Don’t talk to me about revolution.

I know what the price of smashing the system really is, my people already tried that.
The price of uprise is paid in blood,
And not Harvard blood.
The blood that ran through the streets of Santiago,
The blood thrown alive from Argentine helicopters into the Atlantic.

It is easy to say “revolution” from the comfort of a New England library.

It is easy to offer flesh to the cause,
When it is not yours to give.

—Catalina Ferro, “Manifesto” (via interstellar-soviet)

(Source: sincerely-the-end, via that-communist-kid)

Japanese Women Arrested For Vagina Art in Japan

Yes indeed this has happened here in Japan. A female Japanese artiest created a series of artwork being a 3D scan of her vagina in order to bring awareness to female sexuality in Japan. She was arrested for this under the crime of being `obscene.` Women`s sexuality is obscene in Japan. Check out my video on this issue.

Japanese Still Struggle With English

By Jon Doe

Tokyo—-One of the old stand by for Japanese based news sites and bloggers alike, to cure the slow Monday news feed, is to push out write-ups on the awkward effects of social alienation on the island. As this Monday’s news feed is pretty slow ‘why can’t Japanese speak English?’articles have once again cluttered the feed.

The fact of the mattered is that it’s true. The majority of the native born Japanese population cannot speak any language beyond Japanese. This is despite Japan having a above average education system and high rate of college graduates. Japanese was given at least six years of English education, in addition to, an abundance of private English education companies offering everything from light conversation to business classes. Yet, as much chances most Japanese seem to have to pick up English, a widely used international language, the average Japanese on the streets of Tokyo will struggle to give English directions to the nearest train station.

We have all head the following talking points many times before. The actual problem with language education in Japan is of course structural.

The systemic contradictions within the Japanese education system is a topic rarely addressed by neither the government, teacher’s unions or local BOE’s. These three key fundamental corner stones of education in Japan dare not mention that the current system has an established standard lacking in purpose or function.

The current English standard is based off of simply passing a written test to either enter university or impress a boss for a promotion. The ‘on paper’ fluent speakers of English are numerous on the island. This low level of English ability suits the interest of the bourgeois perfectly. To be honest, at work most Japanese need not speak a lot of English. Simply being able to read some speak and struggle though a few sentences will enough from day to day. With that in mind, English grammar and test are focus on instead of actual learning in most cases. Motivation to speak English fluently in order to enrich ones life is not on the dinner table of Capitalist agenda.

The lack of motivation spurred by learning something because it is required without any interest attached to it creates social alienation. The person disconnected from the knowledge in their head. The result is the current situation. A population who, at large, views learning English as a pain in the ass which has no connection to their actual life.

Only by changing the structure of the entire English education system in Japan can the contradiction be resolved. People must be connected to what they learn in a real and material way. In Japan, learning English remains a disconnected chore.