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Debunking Neo-Nazism

If we are not aware at this point, Neo-Nazism has seen an upsurge in recent years. The entire ideology is often not challenged in the age of the decline of Capitalism. The Capitalist and various privileged groups only support Neo-Nazis in an attempt to protect their hold on the means of production. So, your good Comrade Jon Doe debunks Neo-Nazism in short order. 

Iraq: Yazidis resist ISIS; Turkmen threatened

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Self Center Madness

I am accused, as if others are not guilty, of being a unreliable self centered prick. I usually get this comment hurled at me I don’t ‘live up’ to or don’t think or behave in a manner which befits others. I try to explain the situation to them but be damned if they accept it. All they are willing to accept or understand is how they see things; regardless of the finer details I informed them of. Yet, during my time being alive I have noticed this trend in people here in the first world. People only wish to understand any given situation as it relates to their own emotions and how it only effects them.

I have attempted for years to tolerate this attitude but I am reaching the point in which I am starting to give up the majority of the first world population to be able to see past the tip of own noses. I am not comfortable with starting to view most people this way. I know people can see how no one can be everything they expect people to be. Yet, far too often people throw a bitch fit on me when I say, ‘No I can’t’ or ‘Sorry I am not able to do that.’ I usually have to be berated with ‘why not?!’ ‘You don’t care about me!’ ‘You are an asshole!’ ‘You are not a true friend’ or ‘I don’t believe you. You just don’t care.’ It is as if the majority of people here in Japan, both Japanese and non-Japanese, have the emotional maturity of a teenager.

Maybe I have lost you a bit so allow me to offer some details. The things, I used to be far more stable money wise than I currently am. I was without a job for eight months and I only been fully employed again for the past three months. Also, I deal with social alienation differently then I did in the past. Not only that, but my current job places a greater limitation on my ‘free time.’ So add all these things together and I have had to choose what I do in life very differently compared to years past.

I am still getting back on my feet as far as money goes so I choose activities to do carefully. For example, I would rather go to a kick music festival than go to the beach. I cannot do both and live music is more interesting by far. I would rather spend a day by the river, in my local hood, drinking beers and firing off bottle rockets than drag my ass on a train for over an hour and a half to wonder around in the woods. I would rather go to a yakiniku joint, eat cheap meat and drink cheap beer than go bar hopping chasing shallow spoiled young gals. Considering I get up early in the morning during the week and travel on a crowded ass train for an hour, I don’t want to be on the damn train on the weekend if I can avoid it. BTW Train fare can get add up real quick and drain my wallet. So the fact that money is still kind of tight for me and spending extra yen on non work related train fare is something I try to avoid, how about people coming to see me instead of me spending all the extra time and money to see them.

I am not done ranting.

There is also that fact where I work has changed. For years I traveled all the to Yokohama from Tokyo for work. So, I spent a lot of time in Yokohama and got to know a lot of people. It was easy for me to see them and hang out because I was in Yokohama often. Well, after dealing with being jobless for an extended amount of time and now finally having a job in Tokyo I have not been able to run down to the Yokohama area to see people. After work I am in Tokyo and pretty tired. By the time I got to Yokohama I would spend less time with people and more time on the trains. Fuck doing all that train travel after work.

So these days my life is different. I am focused more on the things which are important to me than trying to give a piece of myself to everyone who demands it. I finally have a job I actually really like; although it totally wears me out daily. I read a lot more than I have over the past several years; which was something I loved doing when I was younger. I get far more research done. I am writing regularly again; currently working on a long over due novel. I can be involved in activism more now. And I am in general a more calm person in general.

Yet, I am a unreliable self centered prick.

Welcome to another aspect of the life of Jon Doe.

Ferguson and America`s Wake Up Call About the Police

Ferguson and the entire American police force nationwide has been heavy on my mind ever since this explosion of resistance to the police started. I wrote a short op-ed for of official thumblr blog of GLR but the situation is not something which appears to be going away any time soon. So, I have uploaded a video about Ferguson and the American police as I have seen the reaction Americans are having to it overall. Check this out as I am sure you may find it interesting.


i just wanted to put this out there since im sure it’ll get written about differently tomorrow. 

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Welp, so much for the 1 day of peace in Ferguson. 
She’s live tweeting that people are throwing bottles at the cops and the cops are taking their gas masks out

They’re trying to get the crowd angry again because they were caught looking stupid and slipping. If they can’t vilify Mike Brown, they will vilify his people.




Welp, so much for the 1 day of peace in Ferguson. 

She’s live tweeting that people are throwing bottles at the cops and the cops are taking their gas masks out

They’re trying to get the crowd angry again because they were caught looking stupid and slipping.

If they can’t vilify Mike Brown, they will vilify his people.

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This is what the people of Ferguson are up against and if you still don’t think that this is a big deal then you need to wake the fuck up

Seeing what’s been done to these people alone is pissing me the fuck off so goddamn bad.

This is the effects of rubber bullets. It is war against the people of Ferguson.

Are Americans Finally Ready To Give Up On The Police

Jon Doe—

I was born, and grew up, in America. Yet, what I see coming out of the minds of some Americans regarding the actions of American police should be odd. The current police attacks against people in ferguson, in response to protest following the police shooting of an unarmed young man, should wake all Americans up to the fact the police are not their ‘friends.’ Despite, not only the events unfolding in ferguson, but an increase in police violence across America, there are still people making the ‘bad apple’ argument.

Some Americans go on and on about ‘Well, there are a few bad apples who make all cops look bad but there are still good cops who care about the people.’

This argument is quickly derailed by simply posing the question, ‘Where are all these ‘good cops’ when the ‘bad cops’ are attacking people and killing unarmed citizens? I don’t see any ‘good cop’ jumping in to do anything.’

Such a simple, yet material question, stops Americans right in their train of thought and causes their brain to flash the fatal error message of logic before their very eyes. They only know how to keep repeating, ‘Well, not all cops are bad’ over and over again. They simply don’t know how to answer in a way which does not contradict the argument of ‘A few bad apples.’ The reason they don’t know how to respond, or even understand, the material argument that the cops are not your friend is a lack of material experience connected to the ideas in their heads.

I wish not to confuse or lose you dear reader in a sea of jargon, so let’s break it down a bit more.

From my own experience, those who make the ‘bad apple’ argument have a degree of privilege in society, either racially or economically, which shields them from the oppressive nature of American police. Police often don’t view them as a ‘threat’ or ‘dangerous’ by default due to the color of their skin or their economic standing. They have almost no material experience of having a cop quickly pull out his gun and aim it at them, handcuff them with no crime having occurred or beaten for simply asking a question. They only see it on TV or a YouTube clip and assume it only happens to people who ‘had it coming’ or live in a ‘bad neighborhood.’ When they cannot make those assumptions they will write off the police violence as ‘bad apples’ and a little reform will solve everything. If they experienced the full force of the oppressive American police their opinion would quickly change. If they were dealing with daily police harassment directly, and indirectly via their friends and loved ones, the ‘bad apples’ argument would disappear from their heads. They would understand that the ‘good cop’ who helped them is the same cop beating the snot out of, and in an increasing number of cases shooting, unarmed peaceful people the next neighborhood over.

So, it all comes to not having enough material experience to understand just how brutal the American police really are. Just wait, as soon as it happens to them they will be screaming for justice while forgetting that at one time they believed it was only a few ‘bad apples.’